May 20, 2010

The Chicks are Out!

It was such a nice day on Tuesday that we decided to give the chicks a little fresh air. We opened the little door and this is what happened:
At first they weren't sure about the walkway...
...slowly but surely they made their way out!
As you can see they have grown a ton! They are now 6 1/2 weeks old and are looking more and more like little chickens not fluffy baby chicks! I am so glad the kids don't grow that fast!!!
Once they were out they enjoyed pecking around their coop and exploring! These are the two Golden Laced Wyandotte's. You can see how pretty they are going to be with all their golden feathers coming in! In fact the one in the back is the chick that Ethan has chosen for his own, he named her "Golden Feather", go figure!

After a time of exploring, it was time to round them up and put them back inside the coop (the outside run is not finished yet). The kids enjoyed trying to catch them and then wanted a pic with the chick they caught! Here is James and a RI Red:

Ethan and his precious "Golden Feather":)

Emmy wanted a pic too...even though she couldn't catch one!

It is going to be such a nice weekend hopefully we can get their outside run completed! Stay tuned!!

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  1. They are growing so fast... it is really a good thing that the kids don't grow that fast, it is fast enough as it is! Love the name of Ethan's chicken!:)