Apr 12, 2010

Our New Babies!

One dozen of them to be exact!
Our little chicky's are sooooooo cute! We picked them up on Saturday and they have been the center of attraction ever since!!! All 12 will be living at our house until they are old enough to go live outside and then 6 of them will head off to the Cowlands. Here are some pic's of our little peeps!

The little ones look on with delight! They love to watch, hold and check them out as much as possible!
This small box was their temporary home until a larger one was constructed!

This is their new home which is located upstairs in our unfinished bedroom! If none of us can sleep in there yet at least the chickens can! The red light keeps the chicks warm and helps to prevent them pecking each other too much, it does nothing for the camera though!!!

We purchased four different breeds, these are the Rhode Island Reds. Click on the link to see what they will look like when they are full grown!

Emmy LOVES the little chicks! Here she is posing with a RI Red.
James and a Red!

The second breed is a Buff Orpington, they look to me like the traditional little Easter chick! So cute!!
Mollie and a little Buff!

The little chicky is a Golden Laced Wyandotte! I cannot wait to see how these ones look as they get older!!

The last breed we purchased is Black Australorp, they are the three little black ones hiding in the back! They are actually very curious and friendly but they seem to be very sleepy after a photo session with the kids so they are hiding in the corner! They ALL (all but 1) were very sleepy at this point and started to snuggle up together for a nap! Their eyes kept opening every time I snapped a pic!

Here comes the one not so sleepy little one who had been munching away and realized the others were not around and very quiet! She started peeping and looking around trying to find them!! When she did she seemed to say "hey, what's going on here?"
The she decided to snuggle in with the others for a little nap! I was able to get all 12 of them in this pic!


  1. i am in love. we need to come visit them!!!

  2. I thought the girls might be mistaken when they told me about chickens!! I guess they were right!! They are so cute, we can't wait to see them this summer!

  3. Oh my goodness! They are adorable! What a fun project.

  4. they are so adorable!!! are you keeping them all:)