Mar 19, 2010

Pinewood Derby and Green Cupcakes Oh My!

Our St. Patrick's Day this year was not filled with birthday fun so much as derby car racing! The pinewood derby was hosted by the 4-H club that we have been participating in and they just happened to pick St. Patrick's Day for the event! So Patrick's birthday was spent racing and not opening presents! Thanks Daddy!! It turned out to be a fun night, the boys place first and second in their classed (with the help of Dad!). Here are some pics from the night:
James was super excited when his car took the lead:
Ethan intently watching the race!

Ethan placed second in his class! Nice job Ethan!!

James placed first in his class and second overall!!!

Nice job boys! (and Dad)!!

Emmy and Mollie had fun playing with the other little ones there. Here is Emmy with her pals!
Ethan's car was modeled after a favorite hot wheels car, here is a close-up:

James' car was also modeled after a hot wheels car and was strategically built for speed!!!

And for dessert:

I decided to use the Red Velvet cupcake recipe that was so popular around Valentine's Day and turn it into "Green Velvet"! I made 4 dozen and they were completely gone!! I thankfully made 4 extra large cupcakes to keep at home for us to enjoy for Daddy's birthday! All I could find at Walmart for green sprinkles was green with little eggs, so we decided to pretend they were little pieces of rainbows!! I thought it was funny that when I was checking out Bakerella's blog the next day she had done the same! Check it out here!


  1. Congratulations on the first and second places. I missed it that their cars did so well. Fun night and the cupcakes were delicious.

  2. Good job boys. And wow Liz the cup cakes look great. Did you save me one?

  3. Way to go boys! It sure was a lot of fun!