Feb 9, 2010

When your 3 year old says...

..."do you want a hair cut" to your 1 year old, PANIC!!!

This is what I heard from the other room and before I knew it Emmy had snipped most of it off! Mollie's hair had grow down to her shoulders, thankfully it was that thin stringy looking baby hair that Emmy cut off (I was actually thinking it needed to be done anyway!).
She even did a pretty good job!

Here are some pics of Mollie's new pixie hair cut!

Hopefully it will grow in thicker now! It really could have been a lot worse!!!


  1. Yikes! You are right though, she did do a pretty good job. I can't believe how much Mollie has grown, she looks so much like James in these pictures!

  2. From a hairdressers point of veiw. This is a great cut for her small face and features. It looks wonderful. I love the last photo. You should get that printed in black and white and frame it. Lovaly, good job Emily girl. Sometimes moms need these kind of puches. :)

  3. i just have to laugh! at least she did a great job :) Mollie is so sweet it wouldn't matter if she did not have any hair :)