Jan 11, 2010

Skiing Today at King Pine

Here are some pics from our day at King Pine today! We decided to try something new this year and so we are at King Pine instead of Cranmore. So far so good! The runs are short but the conditions were great and there were a lot less people which is a major plus!!!

Here is James, Ethan and Caleb on the lift in front of me:

Ethan and James in the lodge.

On the mountain.

A super fast racing pose!!!

We enjoyed skiing with the Nesses!

On the lift again!

A day of skiing would not be complete with out some of Nana Kelley's cookies to share! Thanks Nana for the cookies!!!

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  1. Boo... Hoo... Looks like so much fun...*sob*... wish we were there too...(more crying)... better conditions... closer to Ossippe... you guys really know how to rub salt in the wound! Just kidding. So glad the first day was so great, we really do wish we were there with you. Have fun this season!!