Dec 25, 2009

Family Christmas Photo's '09

We had a photo shoot in our living room this year in order to a pic for our Christmas cards! They came out pretty good! This first one is the one we used on the photo cards:

James at age 9.
Looking so grown up too!

Ethan age 7 1/2.
The boys together.

Miss Emmalie age 3 1/2

Mollie age 19 months.
Sisters!Daddy and the girls.

I love this one of Pat and the boy's!

By this point the kids were done with taking pics! This was the only decent one I could get of them all together!

Some silly fun!

Merry Christmas to all!
Love the Kelley's!!


  1. Love the pics.

    James-My favorite one of you is the first one.
    Ethan- My favorite one of you is the one where you and James are with your dad.
    Emmalie- My favorite one of you is when you are with Mollie.
    Mollie- My favorite one of you is the second one (you smiling with the lights).
    Liz- I like the one when you are with the girls.
    Pat- My favorite one is of you with the boys.
    Merry Christmas... Love Jess

  2. Awesome Pictures! I love them all. and to think you considered having someone else take them!

  3. I love the pics... you all look so good! I can see why walmart wanted the copyright!!

  4. Oh they are wonderful pic. You with the girls kissing you in my favorit.