Oct 20, 2009

Columbus Day at Lost River

Here are some pics from our homeschool groups second trip this year to Lost River, actually the Cowlands and ourselves (along with Mimi and Papa, who decided to join us at the last minute) were the only ones who came so it ended up being more like a family trip to Lost River than a homeschool group trip! We had tons of fun and all the caves were open except for one! Our last trip all the caves but three were closed due to flooding!

This is the giant chair we could not find when we came earlier in the year with our group. It was actually at the beginning of the trail and not the end like I thought!

This cave is called the "Sun Altar" James is actually on the "altar" posing for this one!

Come on in Papa!

The kids posed for this pic at an overlook to the huge waterfall below them. You can just barley see Ethan because the water and the height of the bridge was too much for him!

Another pic with the big waterfall!
And yes... one more!

Okay maybe a few more! This staircase went up the side of the waterfall, and was a fun spot to pose for a pic.

A little closer!

Mimi and Emmy on the bridge at the top of the falls!

A fun ladder was the entrance to this cave! James and Ethan only paused for a second for me to snap a pic of them because they were too excited! I am guessing that's why Ethan is a little blurry...he really didn't stop!

Here the boys are heading out of this cave...sorry about the blur!

Smile James!

Here I am teasing Selena by taking her pic inside the cave, the flash of my camera really lit up the cave so you could see what it really looked like inside. It really is very dark when walking through with only a small lantern here and there.

My favorite cave, the "Lemon Squeezer"! You have to fit through this gauge in order to go through the cave, Selena is not really stuck in the gauge but we thought it was a funny pic!

Maverick, James, and David heading into the next bend of the caves!

A waterfall pic:

Papa and the kido's:

The beautiful view from Lost River Gorge:

Mollie walked the last little way with Mimi hand in hand!

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