Sep 11, 2009

A Day at the Ocean

A couple of weeks ago we visited Crescent Beach with some of our friends. It was a gorgeous day in the 70's with a nice breeze! Here are some pics from our day:

It was low tide so we had lots of fun exploring the tide pools! Here is Mollie checking out a periwinkle:
James looking for creatures:

Here is the tiny little crab he found!

Here is the crew from left to right: Ian, Elijah, James, Emmy, Danyelle, Ethan, Cameron, and Mollie in the front!

Hole digging was a big hit too! I think they were aiming for China but didn't quite make it!
Ian and James in the hole!
Emmy with her bucket.
Mollie having fun with a boat!
Elijah and Ethan.
Once the tide started coming in the kids had lots of fun playing in the waves!
Mollie and Mommy on the beach.
Cameron and Emmy had fun digging in someones abandoned hole near the water. This hole was under water before we left and they moved in to the next hole!
Emmy in the new not "underwater" hole!

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