Sep 11, 2009

Blueberry Picking on Foss Mt.

We picked blueberries one evening in August on Foss Mt. with our friends the Jette's. The picking was awesome!! There were blueberries everywhere (and black flies too). Here we are having a pizza picnic on the top. Yes we actually carried two pizza's up the Mt. which thankfully is only a ten min. hike! Thanks Mrs. Jette for the fun idea!!

James posing with the great view in the background:

James, Ethan and Emmy with her blue thumb, they found a letterbox and didn't have their stamps so instead they stamped their thumbs in the log book!

Ethan showcasing the beautiful view!

The sunset:

This is only a small bit of the great view from the top of Foss Mt. You can actually see Mt. Washington on a clear day! It is a really short and easy hike too!!

The kids found a great rock to pose for a pic:

Of course I have no pic's of the blueberries because we were so busy picking them I couldn't stop to take any!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the day, blueberries, and the pizza with us. It was a great! And I am so excited to have a freezer full of blueberries heading into winter. I can almost taste the muffins and pancakes now.