Jul 6, 2009

4th of July Float 2009

Our float for the 4th of July parade was lots of fun this year! Our theme was Pioneer/Little House on the Prairie. It was so nice to have the Everitts here to join in all the fun and chaos!!! Here are a bunch of pics from the day of and the work days before:
Pat finally got to use his truck and trailer in the parade this year! He has been wanting to use it for several years now but we have always come up with something else. This year it was a perfect fit! Thanks to Pat and L.A. Drew for the use of the truck and trailer!

Mollie got to have fun with Daddy playing in the truck and blowing the air horn!

This is our theme sign Nice job Muria!

Sarah, Emmy, and Carrie lounging on the couch after a hard days work! Oops...change that last word to play, Emmy has had so much fun with the Everitt girls!!

Pre-float sign painting by Maggie and Hannah!

Creating garden veggies in the kitchen (one of our major work stations).

Jessica and James (yes that is Jess, the bonnet was a little to big!)

Here Emmy and I are standing in the "garden", you can see the corn stalks behind me, the cabbages in front and the bean poles right behind Mr. Ness.

Our little "Laura Ingles"! My Mom made most of the costume and it came out really cute!

I was SO glad Emmy cooperated and wore her costume and smiled and rode on the float (I did have a little trouble with the last one)! The last two years she has been very uncooperative and ended up riding in the truck with Dad or going with my Mom!

Carrie looking super cute in her bonnet too!

Emmy and my Mom, thanks for all your help Mom!

Caleb, James, and David fishing in the creek!

Callie and Jessica at the laundry washing station. You can also see our "little house" in the background.

Samantha and Ethan holding down the homestead! You can also see Maverick driving the "plow horse" in the background.

The fun kinda came to a halt when it started raining and high winds tried to take Ethan's hat, the corn stalks and the laundry! These next pic is of the tarp we secured over the float to keep everyone safe and dry on the way home!
A bunch of the kids piled into the cabin to stay warm and dry!
Mollie was being a real "ham" and enjoyed the ride back under the tarp a lot!
Hannah snuggling with Carrie and Emmy.
Maggie keeping Sarah warm!
All in all it was lots of fun and a big adventure on the way home! Maggie even said it was her favorite so far because of the adventure of the storm, rain and tarp!

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