Jun 11, 2009

Girly Hair

We had fun playing girly hair the other morning and I took some pic of the super easy little bun I have been doing in Emmy's hair. I got the idea from the Hair for the Mini Diva blog, her little girl has hair similar to Emmys and so it is a good site for us to get ideas from! Here is the link.

Then she had an idea...
...Annie Oakley returns! So much for the cute girly do!!

I was in hair mode so I decided to try "baby piggies" on Mollie. She acutally did pretty good sitting still for this. I had to gel them to get them to stay but they came out cute!


  1. emmy's hair is sooo cute!!!!
    so is molly's.

  2. Love the dos! Mollies is SO cute! I am impressed Emmy sits for you long enought to do hers... it is still a struggle with Carrie.