May 6, 2009

First Birthday Cut-up Cake (and more Mollie Pics)

This is a super fun and easy cake for a first birthday, we also did this cake for Emmy and liked it so much we decided to do it again! It came from this fun book of kids cakes that my Mom bought:

We made a funfetti cake and let it cool overnight, it seems like it is easier to work with the next day.
Then I traced the lines with a knife and cut when I thought it looked just right!

Here is the #1 all cut out. I was able to make a little #1 with all the leftover cake! This is going to be Mollie's very own!!
Then a thin layer of frosting goes on next (this I learned from my good friend Muria). It helps all the little cake crumbs to stick to the cake and not appear in the final layer of frosting.

Here are the two cakes ready to frost.

And the final cakes, not as nice as I wanted but oh well!

Finally it is time for cake!
She is so excited at this point that she looks like she is pulling the table cloth so the cake will move closer!
Time to dig in! It was amazing how fast she shoved her hands in the cake and started shoveling! None of the other kids did that!!
More, more, more!!!

Still shoveling...

...almost gone!

At this point she was done and starting to look a little off, like a sugar high coming to a screeching halt!!!

After the sugar high wore off a little Mollie opened presents (and yes that is my Dad sleeping in the chair behind me!)

And yes this is Daddy sleeping in the other chair!
"Daddy play with me please!"

Oh and I almost forgot a nick-name...Mollie Dolly!
Thanks Mimi and Papa for the fun doll!!
And thanks to everyone else who blessed Mollie with toys, clothing and $.

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  1. very cute. I love making my kids birthday cakes..even when they don't turn out the way I want them too the kids always love them:)