Apr 1, 2009

Spruce Up Old Plastic Easter Eggs

I saw this project on someones blog somewhere and was just going to link to it but I can't find it anywhere so I decided to post the whole thing!

You need some Mod Podge, plastic eggs, a paint brush and some fabric scraps.
(Let me know if you want any scraps we have tons!!) Piece by piece add the fabric scraps by layering Mod Podge then fabric then more Mod Podge until the whole egg is covered.

We used an empty egg carton to dry them in.
Here is James with his, Ethan ditched us to play outside (in the MUD).
It seems like the dark colors worked best, you can see through the light blue and white but maybe if I had matched the light blue with a blue egg it would be okay.
Check out the Kid-Craft Jamboree at Kiddio for all kinds of SPRING crafts!

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  1. I really like them... and can't wait to try making my own!