Apr 1, 2009

Remick Farm Maple Syrup Trip

Here are some pic's from our trip to the Remick Farm last week to learn about how maple syrup is made:
Here is the group out front at the end of the class. I know this one should be at the end but I thought it was a good pic with all the kids and the sign.

First the kids learned about all the different tools used to tap a tree starting with the Native Americans through to the present. Then they got to make their own taps using a twig form a Sumac. It was so neat!
James hollowing out the middle.

Here is Ethan after using the peeler to carve away one end.
Mollie came along too. Here she is snacking on Cheerios! Emmy got to have a play date with Beckah and Mrs. Jette back at our house (thanks Elizabeth!!).
Next we got to check out the sugar bush.

Remick did a great job in demonstrating how syrup was processed through the ages starting with how the Native Americans made theirs in a hollowed log using hot rocks.
Mimi got to take a break form work and come with us. It was great to have her along!

The wagon ride to the sugar house was next.

The sugar house was so warm and yummy smelling, it felt like you could"lick" the air and somehow get a taste of maple syrup with all the steam in the room. Here we were seeing how they measured the viscosity in the sap (which we learned was the measure of the resistance in a liquid).
Then came the samples (my favorite part and I am pretty sure the boys too)!
We got to sample sap and all four grades of syrup, maple candy and syrup on snow!!! I love this pic of James and Hannah downing theirs!! Syrup on snow was a real treat that I had never had before, I almost wish it would snow so we could make some of our own!
Mollie didn't make it too long once we got into the sugar house.
Ethan and James in front of the evaporator.
These oxen were too neat not to get a pic!!


  1. So much fun!! We wish we were there to sample too.

  2. Great pictures! They have added a lot to the day since I went. Next year you will have to stay with the little ones so I can go.