Apr 28, 2009

Daddy's "Tractor"

I say "tractor" because that's what he calls it but secretly we all know it really is a glorified lawn mower! He still is really excited to finally have one and it actually does do more than just a regular lawn mower so I guess I do have to give it a little bit of credit! AND he always said we could not have any (farm) animals until he had a tractor so I guess that means I have to go-ahead?????

The first night he brought it home the kids all wanted rides. They had fun going round and round the yard! It is funny they are all wearing hats and coats in this pic and two nights later it was 65 and they were in shorts and bare feet!!!

Then the kids got to drive, it was getting dark so the other pic's didn't come out good.

James loves taking pictures lately so here are a few he took a couple of days later:


  1. Whahoo! So what animal can we expcet first? If it is a cow, I'll swap you eggs for milk. Deal?!

  2. Nice tractor Pat, and nice pictures James! Jessice LOVES to take pictures too! And I say goats!!