Apr 20, 2009

$3 or Less Clothes at Wally World!

Usually I am not a huge fan of Walmart for kids clothing BUT for $3 I can easily be persuaded to check out the clearance racks! I know it's Spring and most of the clothes I bought are long sleeve but I just couldn't pass them up. I just save them for the next season!!!
Here I got the boys two hooded sweatshirts and three collared shirts!

And here I got one long sleeve, one short sleeve, one sweater, and four pairs of PJ's.
Total cost was $30 for 12 items of clothing! That averages out to $2.50 each!!!!!!
I got similar deals at the Oshkosh outlet last week! Check out you local stores for some great deals!

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  1. I am a sucker for a bargin too! And I miss the outlets sooo much!