Mar 11, 2009

More International Night Photos

Here are some photo's from the Little Explorers International Night where the kids display what they have been learning about a particular country or era. The boys have been learning about ancient Israel and how God led the Israelites into the Promise Land.

Ethan and James in front of their display.

James had fun hanging out with his buddy Caleb!

Pat was able to come that night (it wasn't snowing!!). It was a great help to have another set of hands and it's nice to have the Dad's around!

Emmy and Bekah up to no good??

Cameron and Ian did England I think and had some really neat projects!

Maverick and his Canada display.

Hannah and Sarah did Ancient Greece.

James actually took most of these pics while I was busy with other stuff. He took this great one of Caleb in front of his Mexico display.

A few more pics:

It was great to have Mimi and Papa stop by!

This one is a little blurry but here they are with the girls.

Emmy is obsessed with holding and lugging Mollie around, here we caught her in the act!

Emmy is also obsessed with the phrase "hold me", I guess Mrs. Jette couldn't resist!

The whole group got together at the end for a photo.

Here is James and Caleb with their A+ quiz on all of the displays. It was more like a scavenger hunt than a quiz really but the kids all wanted Mrs. Jette to grade their papers. James had no idea what "A+" meant!

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