Feb 14, 2009

Valentine Fun at the Kelley's

Valentine Math
The best math is the math you can eat: Necco conversation hearts!

Valentine Red Velvet Cupcakes
I saw this recipe in a new magazine called All You, I really enjoyed the articles, recipes and crafts inside and as a bonus it has tons of coupons ($33 dollars worth I think!). Here is a link to the magazine web site and the recipe for the cupcakes:
We made these yummy cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for our annual Homeschool Family Sledding Day that just happened to fall on Valentines this year.

Valentine Hair
Inspired by the Everitt girls super cute hair, we just had to get in on the fun! Here are Emmy's "wipmy hearts" as they call them on this web site where we found the directions for little girls who have fine or thin hair.

And finally:
Valentine Sledding
Here are a couple pics (only a couple because our camera battery died), the first one is a good view of the hill we sled on at Bill and Sherri's (Pat's Mom and Dad or Nana and Bumpa as the kids call them). The second one is of Pat and Dan doing something to the snowmachine which we use to transport all the sleds and kids back up the hill for maximum sledding fun!


  1. Yum... we need to do math like that here! Although we have probably eaten enough hearts this year!! The cupcakes look super yummy, and Emmy's hair turned out really cute. We also wish we could have been there to go sledding with all of you... it looks like it was a nice day. Love ya!

  2. What a great valentines day. Wish we could have joined you. We will have to check out the cupcake recipe.