Feb 24, 2009

Snow Castle!

With another snow storm this week our snow banks are getting huge! We decided to do something fun and turn one really big one that Pat super sized with the loader one day into a really fun snow castle complete with tunnels, stairs, a lookout tower, and an escape route for the sled over the back! I didn't get a good pic of the whole thing but here are a few:

Here is our front wall (the boys are hiding)!

Here is Ethan, Emmy and James at the top of the "snow castle" ready to come down the run we built for the sled.

We have two tunnels here is Ethan in one and Emmy in the other!

Here is a video I shot of the kids coming down the hill:

Hope our friends in CA enjoy this! We wish we could send some your way or even better that you were here to enjoy it with us!

1 comment:

  1. We wish we were there to go sledding too... or that you escape from the snow a while and visit US! Looks like lots of fun though!