Jan 27, 2009

Christmas at Nana and Bumpa's

We spent Christmas morning at Nana and Bumpa's (Pat's parents), we had a really nice morning together eating and opening gifts. Then we relaxed for a while and had a delicious dinner (prime rib) later on. Here are some pics:
It was Mollies first Christmas, not sure why I cannot find a really good pic of her!

James and his new boots!

We even had cousins (well almost, Jenn and Dan will be getting married in September when the kids will finally have two cousins, Zack and Nathan) to share the fun with.

Emmy got a super cute dress and a matching dress for her doll from Nana. Here she is later on that week trying the dresses on her and Bitty Baby.

Not sure what Ethan is doing here but I thought it was cute.


  1. Looks like fun!! I bet they got alot more presents tha you show.....right?

  2. We love Emmie's Dress, and James' boots look so warm. As for Ethan, he looks like he is haveing fun... and poor Mollie will be traumatized for life over not having a good picture... actually she is cute no matter what! Love ya!