Jan 27, 2009

The Childrens Museum of NH

We had a great time at the new Childrens Museum of NH (which used to be in Portsmouth) the day after New Years. They moved to Dover and just opened this fall. They had lots of new exhibits and a bunch of the old ones that were improved upon. Check out the museum by clicking on the picture below:

Ethan the King!

Pat had Mollie the whole time because I pulled some mucles in my back, what a good Daddy!

James had fun learning how to weave using a real loom which was perfect because we were studying the Ancient Americans and weaving for school.

Magnet building.

The boys had fun pretending to be mail carriers in the new updated post office exhibit.


  1. These are nice pictures, but when are you going to update your blog?(my mom told me to say that)

  2. The new museum looks great! Do I feel a field trip comin' on?

  3. Oh what fun we had there in the past... it looks like you had a great time. Maybe we can all go together this summer.