Dec 6, 2008

Fall Family Film Night

On Halloween night we had a fun movie night at church. We projected the Veggie Tales The Pirated Who Don't Do Anything on the the wall and had popcorn and candy and prizes. The puppets also made an appearence. Uncle Zack was a "rock monster" from the movie and danced around while we acted crazy and sang the "rock monster" song. Luckily there are no pic's of that!!!
Here is Auntie Sarah and Uncle Zack...I think she is kissing him but it looks like she is gong to tape him up!

A bunch of us dressed like pirates to go along with the movie theme. Pat, James, Emmy and Mollie were in "God's Army"!

Ethan had the idea to make a robot costume out of a box from Mimi and Papa's shop. It came out really great. He had to pick it up from the inside to walk and look out the little holes for eyes. I think he was inspired after seeing comercials for WALL-E the movie.

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