Sep 28, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Feast

Here is the whole crew looking pretty cool in their Egyptian duds! Emmy and Becka just had to get in the picture but weren't interested in dressing up. I am not sure why James and Ethan look so unhappy in this picture but they had lots of fun dressing as Egyptian Kings.

Here the boys are making mummies! We used dollar store barbie type dolls and went through the whole process (except the organ removal of course) of preserving the body and wrapping it.

James is drying the body using salt. We waited 4 minutes to represent the 40 days it really takes!

Here is Ethan using salt, they also rubbed herbs and spices on the body to keep it smelling nice.

The finished product!

We all enjoyed the Egyptian feast, James' favorite was the hummus and unleavened bread (ie. pita pockets).

Ethan wouldn't try much (surprise, surprise) but the grapes and the hummus were big on his list.

Emmy tried everything and really liked the pomegranate! Her and Becka shared food by switching seats and checking out the others plate every few minutes.

Walk like and Egyptian!


  1. Oh how we wish we were there! It looks like so much fun, you all did a great job.

  2. The kids look great! You need to send me those pics, pleeeease. Love Selena